Strategic integrations yield cross-functional visibility, coordination, streamlined tasks, and increased productivity.


CTRD helps customers implement best-in-class solutions for operational excellence, business analytics, and risk compliance management.


Choose CTRD Consulting for faster adoption and return on investment across CTRD solutions, utilize our deep expertise in Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM products.

Upgrade Services

Take Advantage of the Latest Release Faster and with Less Cost and Risk. 


CTRD help customers lower IT costs and deliver a higher quality of service by enabling consolidation onto clouds and engineered systems.

Architecture and Planning

For IT to play a strategic role in organizations, IT managers must focus more of their time on improving services, and less on basic maintenance and optimization.

Why choose us

How it works

Choose CTRD Consulting for faster adoption and return on investment across CTRD solutions—from applications and technology solutions to systems. With our deep expertise in information management products, CTRD Consulting helps you succeed with architecture, planning, implementation, upgrade, migration, and expert services across the technology stack.


Fast and effective deployment of your database technologies shortens the time it takes to see value from your investments; and when your people use those technologies to their fullest extent, they help grow their skills and your business.


Whether you choose an on-premise or a cloud-based model, CTRD application strategy is to offer choice and flexibility with the most comprehensive, modern, and secure portfolio of products and services to fit your business needs. Cloud-based SaaS applications can be used to empower employees, ensuring they have access to the data, applications and features they need to do their jobs more effectively.